Tracing the Infinite Stone before the “Infinity War” war breaks out! (Part 2)


Tracing the Infinite Stone before the “Infinity War” war breaks out! (Part 2)

3. Power Stone

The stone is known to the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was stolen by Peter Quill but eventually fell into the hands of the Kree Ronan. The stone possesses the power of the soul, capable of destroying a whole planet and this power can also change depending on the origin of the owner.

Should have given it to Thanos but Ronan because of hatred blindfolded so decided to choose the first victim of the planet is Xandar planet and the Nova army. Handled in the power of the soul but Ronan finally can not win the galactic guard, they kept it in a ball and handed it to the Nova. However, in the Infinity War trailer, it is unknown how Thanos owns it.

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4. Mind Stone

It can be said that this stone is attached to a white arm of Thanos. The plan seems to be OK, Loki uses Mind Stone and the Tree to take Tesseract to him, in exchange for Loki. Ironically, there is one thing he can not count on: the Avenger’s heathenness and the bitterness of taking lead and fishing into S.H.I.E.L.D.

Despite being protected by superhero heroes, even the Avenger can not stop the special powers of the superhero, including the superhero, including the Maximoff brothers and the mighty Vision. Of course, its power is also varied, from firing energy beams to instantaneous shifts, but most importantly control of the mind, like its name. To say that Vision is so fortunate to have been given such a power, it is also fortunate for the stone when such a powerful person is willing to sacrifice his life to protect it.

5.Time Stone (Time Stone)

Who would not dream a time travel, and if you own the Stone Age in your hands, congratulations, you will be satisfied. Not only that, it allows you to do anything with the timeline, from twisting to creating a repeating sequence of time. This wonderful concept was first introduced by Marvel in Doctor Strange. Time, as invisible but powerful, is now placed under the control of anyone who owns Time Stone. Fortunately, it falls into the right hands, Doctor Strange and certainly the stone will be used for the right purpose in the Infinity War: against Thanos.

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6. Soul Stone

Very little is known about this stone. However, according to Wong (close friend of Doctor Strange), Soul Stone may be the most dangerous stone. In the comic book it gives the possessor the ability to manipulate and interact with the spirits around them, even opening the door to another world. Its future is still unknown, but its high probability is that this stone will appear in Avengers: Infinity War set to launch on April 25th.