Rampage succeeds due to the excellent cast


Rampage succeeds due to the excellent cast

In addition to the muscular, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to promote humorous acting that has become the brand itself. After Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle, he continues to bring laughter to the audience from the beginning to the end of the film, as well as intertwining some subtle inner transformation of the past.

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The companion line also makes some markers. Naomi Harris’s Dr. Kate Caldwell is a personal character who wants to stop Davis’s attempts to revive the Wyden sisters in an attempt to redeem their faults.

With a not too complicated script, the experienced cast did not have much difficulty joining Rampage.
In addition, Harvey Russell of Jeffrey Dean Morgan also shows the round image of the “old man”, many times to support Davis and Kate.

Unexpectedly, the appearance of Joe Manganiello in some of the early scenes. Unfortunately Mike’s performance land is quite limited.

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In terms of entertainment, Rampage really does the job well. Not tied to the original content, the film even surpasses the “curse” for the film adaptation of the game. The film may lack breakthroughs, but the devastating, explosive scenes with three huge monsters still make the audience satisfied.

The movie is being screened nationwide under the rage of the rapturous animal.