“A Quiet Place” and 3 tricks to make horror movies success


“A Quiet Place” and 3 tricks to make horror movies success

The success of the horror film “A Quiet Place” has become a model for contemporary horror filmmakers, where creative ideas are not the only lesson to be drawn.
After the Black Panther surpassed the Titanic to become America’s third-highest grossing movie in history in February, the box office was once again shaken by the arrival of A Quiet Place. ).

Inferior to every Black Panther billionaire blockbuster, A Quiet Place made an unmatchable debut with its first week of $ 50 million. While the movie budget of only $ 17 million, A Quiet Place is a role model for the success of low-budget original horror movies that light into that, we draw valuable lessons.

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1. Not to be postmodern to eat points

As usual, a successful film will be the premise for the aftermath, prequels, epics, and of course even if there is no proof that the audience is still interested in them, Hollywood is still doing anything. challenge. That is why we have nightmares called Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers or the Smurfs last summer.

Return to A Quiet Place, a film with a novel idea (building fear based on silence rather than a jump-scare brainchild) proves to us that even when not starting a brand exists, there are still blocks to “suck blood” audience. However, we are talking about a modest budget and launching in early April, “dodging” a summer season where blockbuster crowds are still dominating, which leads to the next lesson.

2. Calendar launches science

There was a time when the schedule was a little easier. Certainly not now, as the studios scramble to theaters, launching bombs no matter what time of the year (Black Panther, Ready Player One and A Wrinle in Time need to wait for the new season). But in a busy year there are still small gaps as early as April. At this time Avengers: Infinity War is still more than 20 days away, while Solo and Deadpool 2 is not until May. That opened up the opportunity for A Quiet Place to show up in about two or three weeks before the other wave massed.

Paramount was betting that Ready Player One was not capable of defeating the rookie A Quiet Place in the second week after Steven Spielberg’s debut. This model is very similar to Get Out, a film that also takes advantage of the opening of blockbuster debut to fill the bag before the box office competition becomes “bloody”.

Finding a “passing score” for a film’s release date is like finding a balance on a circus string. Choose when too many movies are being played and you will be crushed by loud noises. Choose the time too quiet, your movie will not see anyone. A Quiet Place, surprisingly, was in the right place to stand on the screening schedule of the year.

3. Major change from maker

Saying that Paramount had a hard time like saying that the characters in the movie were just a little tired of the monsters. It is true that both sides are “struggling” to survive. In spite of the expensive bombs like Baywatch, Ghost in the Shell, Paramount continues to be battered in 2017 with art projects: Downsizing, mother! … reputation of the company recently turned out to be known thanks Films that they dare not sell for fear of annihilation.

A Quiet Place marks the turn of the millennium under CEO Jim Gianopulos, the first film ever made since he took on the burden of a “bumpy mind” for both the cumbersome and old studio apparatus. Of course, “a tree does not grow up”, so after A Quiet Place people are hoping to see a transformation in the upcoming films of Paramount.