Quentin Tarantino Wants An Oscar


Quentin Tarantino Wants An Oscar

“I want to have more Oscars for the best Original Screenplay than anyone else is alive!”

Quentin Tarantino made the remarks with QG, starring in The Hateful Eight (watch hateful eight online), his ninth movie being released nationally. And sadly, no Oscar nominations for the script, but in three other categories are the Actress, Cinematographer, and Music.

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But it did not stop Quentin from dreaming, it was a bit too outdated.

“So, I want to have more than two present figures, which four are already sufficient. I hope that when I die, people will remember me by renaming the Oscar’s Best Original Screenplay into Quentin’s ‘Best Original Screenplay’ for my nonstop efforts. Film, “he said.

His shocking speech did not make the audience and the American film industry feel uncomfortable, as people were used to a picture of a Quentin guy so ridiculous, bizarre, frank and rarely seen since the movie Pulp Fiction He was director of the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Explaining this, he said, “I want to hear the sound of this statement, which is emitted from within my heart, resonating with everyone and becoming my mission. I just want to see it as a spiritual drug for me to hope and to try, such as bread and butter for workers in the Great Depression era last century. ”

The man who holds the record for best Oscar nominee for years and is still alive is none other than Woody Allen, a master of scenario scripting. cinema in the world, with 3 wins.

Quentin Tarantino is eager to become the legendary icon of American cinema, and his dream is perfectly grounded. At present, his living room contained 113 big awards at major film festivals in the world, a figure large enough to open a movie museum.