Quentin Tarantino: The story behind the “monster” Hollywood


Quentin Tarantino: The story behind the “monster” Hollywood

The name Quentin Tarantino has become an unmistakable brand in the Hollywood movie capital with violent, witty and witty dialogue. Almost every film of this director is also critically acclaimed. Quentin also has a number of world-renowned directors including Oscar, Palme d’Or, Golden Globe and BAFTA. But behind his glory is a past that not everyone would want to talk about.

Know the movie thanks to two stepfathers

The mother of Quentin Tarantino has three husbands. She met Tony Tarantino – an Italian-American on a train to Los Angeles. They quickly fell in love with each other and have a baby, named after Quint Asper in CBS ‘Gunsmoke series. However, this marriage is not long, they broke up when Quentin was 3 years old. But thanks to his first stepfather, the now famous director was inspired by the seventh art form. Quentin was frequently led into the cinema and visited Los Angeles film studios. His second stepfather kept him in contact with the film and encouraged him to write short films, which were the basis for his next screenplay. One of his most successful films was The hateful eight (2015). You can watch hateful eight online in 365movies.is

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Due to his family’s lack of peace, Quentin’s education was affected. He constantly moved and did not want to study. Tarantino dropped out of high school and applied to be a pornographic movie steward. He worked there for many years because his peers often criticized the older man. Quentin also spent five years selling video tapes at the Video Archives in California. Actor Danny Strong once said: “Tarantino is the best seller of tapes I have ever known. He is really a movie addict with a huge knowledge base so that he can show you what movies to watch. ”

Later, Tarrantino enrolled in an acting class at James Best. Here, he met Craig Hamann, who co-produced the 1987 film My Best Friend’s Birthday. However, Quentin later succeeded as a film director, not an actor. He is known as one of the few directors to become famous in Hollywood without going through a school uniform at all.

Once stolen and sued for assaulting colleagues

At age 15, Quentin was banned from traveling freely because he dared to steal Elmore Leonard’s novel The Switch at Kmart. He was only allowed to go to the local theater to take part in the musicals of the school, while the rest was not allowed to go anywhere without his mother’s consent or supervision. This can be traced back to the lack of education of the father and a place where thefts are frequent.

After this, the hot director collides with fellow colleague Don Murphy – the producer of the three famous Transformers later. Caused by the controversy over the script, Murphy intended to use the adaptation of the novel by others rather than Tarantino as originally agreed. This caused the Director Django Unchained to go crazy. He spoke to Murphy at a restaurant. And like the characters in the film, Quentin grabbed Murphy’s neck, threw him against the wall and then dusted his head and face. According to A’s Independent, Murphy filed a lawsuit claiming $ 5 million. Murphy said that the damage was so serious that he could not continue working on the film. Later, Tarantino’s name was cut off from the credits of Natural Born Killer, which the pair agreed to cooperate with, as well as Crimson Tide (1955) and The Rock (1956).

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Controversial filmmaking style

The first thing that can be confirmed is that Quentin Tarantino’s films are not for all audiences. Because it is usually B movies with high levels of violence, bloody scenes, gunfighting, slashing appear dense. They became his specialty. Tarantino has stated that his film without the violence is “just like listening to Metallica’s rock but asking them to turn the music down.”

Many people wonder whether the film violence comes from the real life of the director? According to Quentin’s biography, though he has had some difficult times, suffocating, underage, but has no signs of violence or violence. Tarantino once explained that the violence in his film was not too far from the truth, but sometimes it was exaggerated to portray the character more sharply.

However, Quentin’s films are not just about killing. The lines in the film, whether long or short, make the audience excited. In particular, he has the ability to make viewers laugh freely even when witnessing extreme stress situations. The dialogue also revealed Tarantino’s clever mind and at the same time makes the character more clear and the length of the movie becomes a minor issue. But despite positive reviews, Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay has been criticized by some. Among them is director Spike Lee. He argues that Quentin’s films have been abusive of racist words that make people of color feel offended. Tarantino responded that he only wrote the truth and that he had the right to create any character he wanted even if the writer’s skin was black or white. At the Berlin Film Festival, actor Samuel L. Jackson, who has starred in both Quentin and Spike Lee, defended the monster director and said that the lyrics were It is perfectly acceptable to place it in a movie context.

Some argue that Quentin Tarantino’s films have so much borrowing that most of them come from the soundtrack. The director in 1963 did not deny this. He thought the songs were old, but they fit the context and characters in his film. Quentin shared that by enjoying the music in his bedroom he had created scenes that needed to be used. So his films, though borrowed, are not dependent on or abusive, but are more innovative, richer and more original. Many viewers claim that thanks to Quentin’s film, many timeless songs have reached the majority of young audiences.