How much did the cartoon “wipe out” the villains?


How much did the cartoon “wipe out” the villains?

Confusing figures, giants, dwarfs … in fairy tales are very cruel but are “cute”, “tempered” in the cartoon children make love.

  1. Devil Trolls in Trolls (2016)

Trolls is a comedy-themed movie about the colorful dwarf tribe and miraculous hair.

Cute dwarf in the cartoon.

The dwarf characters are fascinated by children in the world, but actually in the Norse mythology, “Troll” is used to call both the dwarves and mountain giants, extremely ugly and hungry. Experts, breaking the village, even eating people.

In mythology, dwarf devils are extremely ugly and cruel.

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  1. Uncle Minions in Minions (2015)

Minion is a playable character in Despicable Me (2010) and is also the “main duo” in his own movie, Minions. They are creatures from ancient times, the only way of life of the minions is to find great evil to serve. However, in the process of “dedication” to the owner, they also “knocked down” their evil master makes the audience extremely interested.

In the cartoon, though, sooner or later, the Minion will “knock out” his evil master.

In fact, in the American entertainment culture, “minions” are blind and vicious servants of the master, using every trick to achieve the goal.

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  1. Elsa Princess in Frozen (2013)

Snow Lord in fairy tales possesses a cold and cruel heart. However, in the famous cartoon Frozen, God Snow has been “goddess”, “honesty” became the ideal model that any child once was transformed into.

The beautiful and powerful Elsa princess in Frozen.

The evil snow queen kidnaps children in fairy tales.

  1. Wreck-it Ralph in Wreck-it Ralph (2012)

Ralph is a villain in the Fix It Felix, Jr. game. Bored with being only a bad person, not receiving the medal and being alienated so Ralph changed, “stripped” became gentle guy honest, not afraid to help and live in harmony with all. people.

Ralph is lovely and strong, kind to everyone.

  1. Dragon in How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

In How To Train Your Dragon, Toothless Dragon is actually just a naughty child and playful. The friendship of Hiccup and Toothless has eradicated the preconceptions of the dragon, from which the dragon and the cohabite live peacefully together. Meanwhile, according to Western culture, dragons are considered symbols of evil and death, destruction.

The lovely Toothless dragon has eradicated the preconceptions of dragons and humans in How To Train Your Dragon …

  1. Good Guy in Shrek (2001)

Fighting in fairy tales and myths are large and scary creatures that often harass people’s lives, even eating humans. However, in the animated Shrek, Shrek is a tall and good-looking guy. After living alone in the marshes, Shrek has found true love with Princess Fiona and live happily.

Still in the cartoon “cute” and “love the tank” this is it!

The “cute”, “characterizing” evil characters into honest people, living in harmony with the human on the cartoon that not only children but adults also feel life meaningful and lovely than right?