Meaning and challenge from the ‘Justice League: Justice League’


Meaning and challenge from the ‘Justice League: Justice League’

Like many other superhero movies, the “Justice League” blockbuster sends viewers two post-credits footage. One of them is important to the future of DCEU.
Justice League: Justice League: The next DC Universe (DCEU) after “Wonder Woman” (2017), featuring DC Comics’ most famous superhero.

As it happens, most superhero movies of modern cinema also contain one or two after-credits clips to reveal to viewers the next work of their cinematic universe.

But the DC Cinema Universe (DCEU) was against that tradition with Wonder Woman when Gal Gadot’s heroine film did not have any appeal to the watch justice league war after its closure. However, the Justice League itself contains two after-credits footage.

The first episode is pure humor, and follows what happens in the Justice League and Steppenwolf battle (Ciáran Hinds): a speed contest from a wilderness to the West Coast between The Flash ( Ezra Miller) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

If Flash runs on the ground, Superman flies on high. The spectators did not know the actual results of the race, but the short-lived segment continued to show DCEU’s desire for brightness and humor, rather than continuing the darkness of Man of Steel. 2013) or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The Justice League’s second aftermath is more meaningful. Audiences have known Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) just released from prison (and now completely bald head). He was enjoying his luxury yacht party when a smaller ship approached. The guest of Luthor is Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello.

Deathstroke also removes the mask, revealing his shaggy hair, white beard and eyes. Lex Luthor refers to the Justice League, and cleverly suggests that the guest set up a similar team.

In the long history of comic DC, there are many super-evil groups in existence such as Injustice Gang, Injustice League, Secret Society of Super Villains … But the short-lived Justice League’s short-lived leagues have not revealed whether Lex Luthor and Deathstroke will Formed a congregation, or even involved the Suicide Squad.

This question from the audience about the super-evil team is also a challenge for the DCEU. Except for Lex Luthor and Deathstroke, none of the faces really came out. Will the DC universe have enough time and work to present them to Justice League 2?

The Zod, Doomsday, Ares or Steppenwolf will hardly be members of the group. New evangelists can be found in Aquaman (2018), Shazam! (2019), Wonder Woman 2 (2019), Cyborg films, Green Lantern Corps, Gotham City Sirens, or Batman movies (although this project has been questioned many times) .

No matter who the audience is, the audiences need more elaborate and compelling audiences, not superficial, one-sided, and “rat-headed” like Steppenwolf in the Justice League. This is not only the DCEU, but many other superhero works in recent years.

Even Deathstroke itself, a short-lived after-credits movie, could have inspired many DC fans, but that was not enough. Joe Manganiello’s character was said to be Batman’s main rival in the Batman movie. But the risk that Ben Affleck relinquished the role of superhero hero makes director Matt Reeves’s project has not set a date yet.

According to the recent Hollywood Reporter, Deathstroke will have a separate film project directed by Gareth Evans (The Raid). The DCEU would have wanted to build a democratic style, but at the same time continue to exploit the more powerful League of Justice superheroes. And that is not an easy task for the movie universe at the moment.