May Cinema: ‘Enclosure’ of all emotions


May Cinema: ‘Enclosure’ of all emotions

If April’s movie line-up enters theaters, then in May, moviegoers will have the opportunity to enjoy all the emotions with so many genres.

Love, Simon

Starting on May 4th, “Love, Simon” tells the story of high school student Simon Spier – Nick Robinson. Like many of his peers, he has an average family, some good friends, and a typical high school student. Simon has a secret buried long: he loves the same sex.
Through the internet, Simon becomes acquainted with an anonymous person with the nickname “Blue”. After a while, the two boys formed a special relationship, derived from mutual understanding.

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Unfortunately, this secret of Simon was discovered by a friend and things became confused when this was revealed.
Category: Comedy, emotional

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Roll to my side

Rolling to my side of the genre, comedy. The film revolves around Jocelyn – a successful businessman, a peasant man and a liar. Becoming bored, he pretends to be a disabled person to seduce her fiery neighbor. Until one day she introduced him to her sister, who was actually disabled … The film premiered on May 11.
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Great battle of the giants

Debuting on May 11th was the Great War movie, produced by the producers of Harry Poter. The Great Giant War tells the story of Barbaca, a young student trapped in a dull school and family life. Barbara has sought a way to escape by engaging in the magical world of the giants. Discovering the invasion of the world, Barbara stood up to overcome the fear and courage to fight alone.
The type: Fiction, horror

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 actually kept the whole story almost secret. The audience only knows that in the movie, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) must form the X-Force to protect the mysterious boy Russell (Julian Dennison) from Cable (Josh Brolin). Africa will begin airing on May 18.
Category: Comedy, action, adventure

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KIKORIKI: Traveling over time

The rabbit KIKORIKI wants to give a surprise gift to his friend Barry’s birthday by contacting Déjà vu, a travel company who travels through time to book an adventure trip.
Fortunately, all the crew on the trip was lost and fall into different spaces and times. KIKORIKI what to do to return to the present time, save Barry and friends?
KIKORIKI: Traveling time will also officially open from 18/5.
Category: animation, fiction

108 hours of horror

108 hours of horror is set in 1984, for a more complete and more authentic stage show, a group of actors who decide to experience insomnia in an abandoned mental hospital. After many awkward nights, they discover the terrible secret that this wasteland has in existence an invisible energy.
Meanwhile, the group received another new member, Bianca – the promising actress who joined the group with a desire to get a leading role in the play.
After joining the party, Bianca not only faced the pressure of intense training and competition with other actors, but also had to find ways to survive before a dark forces are wanting to push her team together. a tragic play where they choose to practice. The movie will be available in theaters from May 18th.
Category: Horror, Thriller

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the epic story of the famous Han Solo pilot in the galaxy.
The film tells the story of Han Solo’s youth, played by Alden Ehrenreich, instead of the familiar Harrison Ford. As revealed by the producer, the events in Solo took place immediately after the Rogue One (2016), and before A New Hope (1977).
The movie will start airing on May 25th.
Category: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Selfie with death

Selgie with Death will also be released on May 25th. The film revolves around Julia – a well known vlogger, often selfie happy and post photos via social networks to get more attention. But in a selfie way, Julia has made a serious mistake and her life is threatened by dark forces.
Before that, Hana’s sister Julia must find a way to penetrate this mysterious world to rescue her brother.
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