Jumanji Film Review (Welcome Game) – Welcome To The Jungle


Jumanji Film Review (Welcome Game) – Welcome To The Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Jumanji: Fantasy Game) promises to “shuffle” revenue in the Christmas and New Year 2018 by the circumstances just funny but also appealing, and especially when the The movie has the appearance of muscular star The Rock.

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Movie content

A group of four young people are unaware of each other, but accidentally, they must be pinned down in the old newspaper because of a violation of school rules. In the dusty old room they were setting up, they suddenly came up with a built-in tape player with four handles. There was an old TV there, a newcomer in the group Start up the machine and ask the other three to join.

The machine starts to flicker after four players choose the character, and then another blue light bizarrely sucking them into the machine, worn by the power plug has left the drive. Here the four pupils forced students to explore the character, character selected previously to find a way Winning the game and exiting the virtual world.

Because the four girls were swept up in a forest, so the title of the movie was “Welcome To The Jungle”, but when it came to Vietnam that part was not translated correctly. . Praise Film is quite difficult in this regard, and the Vietnamese title that Khen Film is looking for is “Jumanji: Forest of the United States, so new.

And if the film has a sequel, it will be easy to name it. And Khen Film must admit that, the trailer is not really attractive enough to direct the audience to buy movie tickets for this movie. But when the movie has just started about 20 minutes, the funny and virtual moments of the game Jumanji has completely captured the mind of the audience. Everybody sat watching, not stirring, hand holding corn eat unconsciously because the film is too charismatic.

The status quo of the translation team is quite large when they use many slang and mouth humor of the Vietnamese youth, for example: “This is crazy too crazy”, “It’s great”, … And there are words that are so high that English words are not translated, but when reading the subtitles, they laughed again. However, there are also words that are slightly “translated”, probably for censorship, typically at the end, when the “professor weight” said goodbye a “thing” between the legs. Vietnamese subtitle is translated “very quiet” and metaphorical “Goodbye”, while English is, literally, always hear, understand is right.

The first look at the trailer, in addition to impressed with the muscles of The Rock, Jack Black, Kevin Hart or her beautiful Karen Gillan also a little memory “memory” in the head, while other details are slightly faint. Think about it, the film is ready to bomb, but not so.

The cast is full of strength

Above all, take on the role of each character in the movie. With The Rock, every time he performs deep with a serious face, the whole theater is laughing, it is hard to express in words but Khen Film guarantees 100% that you will have an impression.

Hard to fade with the time the Rock “dump” the right kind “Muscular doctor”. Karen Gillan is definitely the best actress and youngest movie. With the appearance “look is love”, “feel is like” nothing is complaining when this girl was assigned to the role of “great green forest”. And yet, Jumanji also gives the audience a small charming and attractive with the guy who is special. “mysterious mysterious mysterious”.

Sound, image, technique

Jumanji is a Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Motion Pictures Group) movie so do not worry about the technical details, and do not be surprised if Sony’s movies appear in dense frequency. . Image manipulation in Jumanji is not aimed at excessive flickering, only in the medium, but is invested and diluted every inch one by one.

The most obvious example of this is the construction of a rocky cliff face, as if nature had “carved” the beautiful mountain so. With the movie adventure type, virtual as Jumanji, the sound element is also “spicy” indispensable to increase the “delicious” for the film. And Khen Film was very pleased to spend an extra 15k (90k, compared with 75k) to see this movie in the movie room at 1 CGV Nguyen Xí. With a large screen, curved and perfect sound system, the movie experience has become much more.

Let’s say again, Columbia Pictures invested heavily in this film as it made a very detailed sound, making full use of all of the satellite speakers for the entire duration of the movie, making viewers wicked to leave the room for a second. both. Unfortunately, the movie does sound Atmos but CGV does not show this format.