Identifying the characters in the virtual world of “Inside Out”


Identifying the characters in the virtual world of “Inside Out”

Alongside Riley in “Inside Out” are the emotions and other cute characters. Let’s find out about these characters!

Pix Out’s Pixar film debut, Inside Out, completely convinced viewers and critics. inside out full movie online free tells the story of the inner emotions of Riley’s brain. Aside from the emotion that we all know, this article will feature other characters who exist in Riley’s brain in areas such as Dream Factory, Long Term Memory. ..

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1. Joy – Joy

You can not mention this girl at first. As the “oldest” in the set of five emotions, appeared after Riley was born, Joy has defaulted to a mission to keep Riley happy and smile as Joy first met her. She always tries to be optimistic in all the bad situations that Riley encountered such as moving house, hockey loss, eating beaten broccoli. Being able to lead and get ideas quickly is also characteristic of her identity.

Interesting facts about the character:
Riley is like Frozen’s Anna. Both are full of energy, cheerful optimism. They both misunderstood a person (Joy misunderstood Sadness and Anns misunderstood Elsa) and wore flower shaped skirts.

2. Sadness – Sadness

As “surplus” in the group, Sadness always appeared with sad moodset and was forbidden by Joy Joy to run Riley’s emotions. But sadness is basically a lovely girl, what she wants is just to prove herself useful.


Interesting facts about the character:
Sadness is directed by Pete Docter sketches of the color and shape of the tears. Sadness did not play such an important role in this work. The man chosen to accompany Joy is Fear but the scriptwriter finally chose her “too sad to walk”. Besides, she is also a fan of the vampire love story tragic.

3. Disgust

“Queen bee” is authentic, but not very hard. With Disgust, Riley is outlined a complete plan to shine on the first day of class. By 2/3 of the film after the journey of Joy and Seadness should Disgust give way, this will be a super fun if the film is made part 2.


Interesting facts about the character:
Green and Disgust’s dress are the correct imitation of broccoli, which Riley and Disgust hate bitterly, and Pete’s love interest. At the D23 Expo in 2013, Disgust made his first appearance in purple and long hair. Then Disgust in Riley’s head appears in the shape we are seeing and Disgust in the mother’s head Riley is wearing the purple dress as introduced. Originally, this character was sexed male, in the process of producing the whole team is the security but eventually Disgust is the female was selected.

4. Fear – Fear

The guy who was originally chosen to accompany Joy had a slim figure, always shivering like a drydrop and possibly fainted when things were out of control. Fear. There was no land like Joy or Sadness but Fear was a very important person in Riley’s growing up. He was the one who kept her safe from the dangers and the bad behavior of her parents. Every child must be afraid of parents more or less good. Exactly the role of Fear in the center of the brain is just behind Joy.


Interesting Facts About Character: According to Pete Docter, Fear’s image was built from the image of a common nerve. Strangely, despite the name Fear – Fear but he is not afraid, when watching Riley’s nightmares. He was bored and scolded them for being “stale”, “bland.” Perhaps things like Riley’s tooth loss, appearing in front of the class and losing his only dream pants so he was not panicked. Fainting always, shame that.

5. Anger – Angry

This red and agitated man fancies justice and is extremely enthusiastic in assuring Riley of all the benefits she should have. He will “burn” literally if things do not happen as planned outline. In the movie Anger is the person who had the “initiative” to take Riley back to her old home because she would be happier. This led to the chaos and destruction of two important islands, the Family and the Truth.


Interesting character: When Anger gets angry, the fire will flare up on his head like Hades in Hercules. Anger is also the only one with no nose and he will get mad when he hear the “TripleDent Gum”.