The Hateful Eight – What could have happened?


The Hateful Eight – What could have happened?

In 2013, when the resonance of Django Unchained is still unstoppable, the galaxy is fading fever when Tarantino continues to release the media for his upcoming work: a postmodern western post-cowboy film. American Civil War.

In January 2014, the title was revealed to be watch The Hateful Eight. The movie is expected to start filming in the summer, fandom waving waves of celebrations are not long before the “scum!”, The incident occurred: one of the six people that Tarantino believes the pre-script has been inside upload it online. Needless to say, Quentin’s anger was so great that he intended to cancel the project and turn The Hateful Eight into a novel for publication. However, perhaps due to the love of cinema too large, Quentin held a script reading for the public at the Ace Hotel, Los Angeles on April 19 with the cast of the film. It was these same actors, who were so excited about the script for The Hateful Eight, that they persuaded Quentin to continue his film project and finally accepted it. At the press conference in San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Quentin confirmed this information. He added that the script was rewritten and had three versions.

So, if the beginning of the scenario of The Hateful Eight not be revealed, then the fate of the eight enemies will be determined how?

In the original script, the ending of TH8 was written a lot differently, it was more violent and less “love” than the last version we were watching. The important details of the film – the letter of Abraham Lincoln – are mentioned only once at the beginning of the film. Here is a summary of the story that I summarize, if you have enough time and patience, check out the original 146 pages of Quentin scripts (link below comment).

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– After Joe Gage (Michael Madsen) admits he was poisoned in the cafe, police chief Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins) has put Gage down on the table to catch him drink the rest of the cafe or else shoot . Mannix also realizes that the last thing John Ruth (Kurt Russell) did before dying was to save his life, while Daisy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and his companions just watched him die in agony. Just like in the losmovies, Mannix and Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) become allies, but one thing both of them do not know is their “middle” is in the jaws of Jody (Channing Tatum and Joe Gage (although only Mr. Warren is attached).

Bob “The Mexican” (Demián Bichir) and Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth) draw their guns, unluckily, Mannix is ​​quicker to blow up the shotgun, accidentally smashing the door behind him. winds of cold snow poured into the soul of the wood. At the same time, Warren shot Oswaldo’s stomach and made him fall to the ground in pain. Joe Gage extracts guns to the back of Mannix and Warren. From the basement, Jody points his gun through the floor and shoots directly at Warren’s ground. Both Mannix and Warren went on to slow (v. Lie on the floor, Mannix with John Ruth’s rifle shot and killed Joe Gage.

Still in the basement, Jody looked up across the floor, adding three shots to Warren’s body. Bob’s gun Mannix aimed straight at the floor. A fierce gunfight occurred between Jody and Mannix, one from the bottom and one from the top, both sides were loaded with ammunition. Finally, luck did not smile at Jody, he lost and the basement became his grave.

While Warren and Mannix struggled with Quentin’s slow spin, Daisy was trying to crawl towards the gun Oswald dropped, dragging John Ruth’s corpse slowly crawling … slowly. Jody falls as Daisy grabs her weapon, she points her gun straight at Warren, who is lying dead end and ends him with three shots. Defeat Warren, Daisy looks around to find Mannix to see Mannix pointing his gun at him. Not letting her wait, Mannix gave Daisy four candy bars, putting an end to the life of a notorious female hacker.

– Sheriff Chris Mannix, along with five rounds of bullets, under the cold wind cut the meat cut, slowly fell to the floor. Wrapping a coat of hair around him, he climbed up to the iron bed, resting and lying on his deathbed, while Oswaldo Mobray was still rolling around, hugging his stomach and screaming on the floor.