The Hateful Eight – The bloody party of the true masters ‘standard’ Quentin


The Hateful Eight – The bloody party of the true masters ‘standard’ Quentin

Director Quentin Tarantino once again gave the fans a top performance of the crazed, monstrous and violent monster.

Quentin Tarantino’s eighth work is The Hateful Eight, one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Of course, people are never disappointed with the “spiritual children” of this famous director. All the “dishes” that fans would like to enjoy at Quentin’s party: stylish madness, bloody violence scenes, unpredictable circumstances, and series of words. The long-awaited but extremely refreshing, … are “ready” in watch The Hateful Eight online.

The film is set in the American West during the post-Civil War period, a group of bounty hunters, robbery killers, mysterious cowboys and executors of justice and avoid snowstorms at a mountain break. immense hills. It is worth mentioning, they all carry in their hatred, angry with the crazy behavior of the enemy and personal goals.

The Hateful Eight is filmed on the 70mm format, boasting the majestic beauty of the Telluride Snow Mountain. The script is considered to be Quentin’s most talked-about scenario after Reservoir Dogs, both of which are similarly structured to be divided into smaller chapters corresponding to a new plot twist. Of course, Quentin is very familiar with the storyline and the character of The Hateful Eight, who spent the first 30 minutes introducing the main characters: John Ruth’s notorious bounty hunter “The Hangman” and his His latest pick is dangerous female general Daisy Domergue, along with two of John Ruth’s coaches, Major Marquis Warren, a well-known bounty hunter and the new town police chief, Chris Mannix. .

Quentin’s method of building familiar characters is to let the characters talk about themselves, in this way the director can ingeniously integrate his own ideas through the symbolism that character expresses.

When a group of four central characters arrive at the storm shelter, a small inn nestled between snow-covered hills, they encounter strangers including a retired old general, a calendar-looking man. A man in charge of hanging in the court, a mysterious cowboy and an employee said that he was looking after the inn when his grandfather was away.

Just like the Reservoir Dogs, the film captures viewers in a tight space, where sequences of dialogue and killings take place. The only thing else, the dialogue in The Hateful Eight is harsher, tougher and more extreme. Quentin, from the opposing viewpoint of the characters, offers many philosophies about the nature of the Civil War, capitalism, and the flag of justice. Along with Django Unchained, the film exposes the biases of history with racism and the injustice of the slave class.

It is precisely because of the ugliness of human judgment that Quentin has removed the entertainment elements from the character building, The Hateful Eight has no legitimate hero, no one Criminal offenders. Philosophical or ethical philosophies that are often dispersed in previous works are also absent from the new film. The Hateful Eight is just a bloody, bloody evening of deceit, lies, inhumanity, with extreme discrimination. As soon as you think there is a character that can be heroic, he will behave like a monster, as soon as you think someone is being touched in the heart, he will immediately act in disgust. with other people. The characters seem to just want to burst out a scream of rage in an angry fire. Apparently Quentin had no intention of joking in The Hateful Eight.

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In case you are not interested in history or social and political views, you will still be attracted to the film because of the tight texture, curious drama and especially the turning point. unexpectedly, a famous “specialty” of Quentin. This is not to mention the great cast of the cast, especially Samuel L. Jackson’s Major Marquis Warren and Daisy Domergue’s crimewoman Jennifer Jason Leigh. These two characters have the most complicated moves in psychology, and can be said to be the maddest in the main character group. Audiences of the film conjecture is likely Leigh will be nominated for Oscar 2016 for this outstanding role. In return, the weakness of the film is in a new name strange to Quentin film star charming Channing Tatum. The actor is much more handsome when compared to his cast, though meticulously crafted, but Tatum does not exalt the spirit and atmosphere of a “monster” Quentin as the other characters .