“The Grand Budapest Hotel”: The masterpiece of Wes Anderson


“The Grand Budapest Hotel”: The masterpiece of Wes Anderson

Along with Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, Wes Craven, Paul Thomas Anderson, and one of the world’s most accomplished 6X-7s, Each of his new work is always the audience movie soundtrack “hunting” enjoy the period. With “the grand budapest hotel online“, Wes Anderson continues to impress viewers with its amazing creativity

Speaking of the role playing system, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” made the audience surprised by the majestic level. Because the characters are shown by the famous names, the role leaves a deep impression. Wes Anderson invites almost all of his collaborators and big stars to join in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Jude Law, Adrien Brody and even young star Saoirse Ronan Actors are real. However, the character of the most prominent, except M. Gustave of Ralph Fiennes, to mention the guy Moustafa by Tony Revolori. Previously, Tony Revolori was only involved in dramas that were not widely known. So, this will definitely be one of the most exciting discoveries of 2014. The pendulum, the fast-paced, the dizzy-eyed, Tony Revolori gives Moustafa a live vitality.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” features Wes Anderson biography. Still the color of the visual effect, the beautiful design of the beautiful Rococo style, meticulously dressed, eye-catching, looking to want to wear soon. In addition, there are also technical factors involved. Wes Anderson rarely uses complex shocks. He frequently uses scenes where the camera moves vertically and then sneaks in the direction of 90 degrees or the characters simply cross the screen. In particular, with “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Wes Anderson turned most of the time with a 1.37: 1 (in 4: 3) frame instead of the current 1.85: 1. This creates a lot of tempo and atmosphere for the whole movie.

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Charming, seductive, witty, witty but alluring, the “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is one of the best films to enjoy in 2014.