Falcon and Gamora – Superheroes can die in “Avengers: Infinity War”!


Falcon and Gamora – Superheroes can die in “Avengers: Infinity War”!

We all hear rumors about Captain America’s departure in the “Infinity War,” but that does not mean that the other superheroes you admire will be completely safe in the movie!
Just one more day waiting, and blockbuster wacth Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers: The Fighting War) will land at Vietnamese cinemas, satisfying the waiting expectation has become infinite with the hard fans. as well as the viewers of the movie superhero. In addition, this film will also mark the 10th anniversary of building and developing the Marvel Universe with an event that no one would expect: there will be a few characters who are capable of “leaving” quite high in this movie.

There have been speculation over the departure of Captain America or Iron Man, who have been hosting the Marvel Universe for the past 10 years and now need a break for the superhero to take over. mission of the Avengers organization. But do the Russo brothers let their departure be so predictable? That Captain America and Iron Man will die because of the contract of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.. is going to end in real life?

If you think a bit more boldly, some of the assumptions about the character that will go away in the Avengers movie will be more likely to happen, and guess some fun before the G to warm the air as well. No “dead” where ?!

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1. Falcon

First, let’s talk about Falcon. Sam Wilson is one of Captain America’s close friends since Captain America: Winter Soldier, followed closely by the US captain during the subsequent events of the Marvel universe. If you follow comic book Marvel Comic, you will know that this character had time to hold the Vibranium shield and become a new Captain America; But straight to the side with its war-fighting abilities and sky-mastering skills, the Falcon does not have the ‘super-power’ element to continue to take on Captain America’s mission.

In addition, James Buchanan’s “Bucky” James has super powers much closer to Captain America, plus a Vibranium -based arm will have more land in the future, the candidate for the captain of the US captain seems is in favor of Winter Soldier. Plus, Chris Evans just signed the six-part deal and Sebastian signed up nine parts – fitting in with a new trilogy and a couple of new appearances, it seems that 99% of the new Captain America will be Bucky.

So Falcon will not play any role in the phase 2 of the movie Marvel. It is not necessary for a character to play a supporting role to go to two film periods, and neither actor is willing to play a supporting role, so it is likely that Falcon will be the one to leave in this section. Making way for the new superhero generation of MCU.

2. Gamora

Gamora – a strong female member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is also a high-ranking character in the Infinity War. The reason is quite simple, the core of the Guardian’s Star Lord possesses a huge latent power coming from the Celestial blood; However, this precious power still lacks a lever to reach maximum potential in the battle against Thanos. Currently, the Guardians of the Galaxy team is … no place left to sacrifice to create the element of “power of belief” for Star Lord, except for Gamora. Gamora is one of the characters who was close to Thanos (alongside Nebula); And the more familiar the people are, the more “loophole” to approach and kill Thanos, at the cost of death may be.

Gamora’s death can open the door to a newcomer and develop a romantic relationship with Star Lord, replacing Gamora’s hole: Kitty Pryde. In the context of Disney’s relatively large door to capture the X-Men mutants in hand, the love between Star Lord and her heterosexuality through the body of this Kitty sounds crazy but not impossible. power. Just predicting, why stretch?