Facts you probably do not know about Deadpool


Facts you probably do not know about Deadpool

Damn about the nasty superhero preparing to return to the big screen, let’s go through some information that you may not have heard about Deadpool:

Deadpool is Canadian

The story of private life after removing the mask of the superhero is always an interesting detail. Deadpool is also known mostly for being a mercenary, an immortal who deserves to be jealous, but one that is not well known. As mercenaries as we know him, he comes from Canada.

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Deadpool has a long list of deaths from Marvel:

Moby Dick, Sancho Panza, Captain Ahab, Shere Khan, Pinnochio … are the typical names Deadpool killed when this monster goes to the Ideaverse universe. This is a very complex character in the MCU. The character is quite crazy, hilarious and has the most crazy rage.

Những sự thật chưa biết về Deadpool

Deadpool is connected to … Deathstroke

As a hardened Marvel fan, it must have been difficult to recognize the looks, weapons, and costumes of Deadpool having much in common with DC’s Deathstroke killer. Deathstroke is even nicknamed Slade Wilson and Deadpool is actually Wade Wilson. It can be said, Deadpool is a version of the “hammer” of the one-eyed killer from DC although deadpool’s father always denied the comments.

Deadpool is a veteran fan of Captain America

Another interesting news from the 1-0-2 superhero, Deadpool is a Captain America fan. Like Superman, one of the great superheroes of DC, Captain America is one of the first characters in MCU to become an idol in the eyes of other superheroes is not strange. More specifically, the two are similar in that they are all products from the government’s super-military experiments. Only thing, do not know how Captain America will feel when on the list of his fan is a crazy guy like crazy.

Những sự thật chưa biết về Deadpool

Deadpool is so scared … cows and kittens:

An immortal character who, in order to cure cancer, accepts the Weapon X program from which he possesses the ability to heal a wound that allows him to die a hundred times. However, Deadpool also has its own fears, one of which is the fear of cows and kittens. In Deadpool Vol. Number 17, Deadpool has admitted to Domino that this guy is scared … cow. This animal can cause the immortal superhuman to get bumps while the kitten is too cute to make him unable to use the weapon.

Deadpool is always super heroic trượng meaning?

Do not be fooled by the mercenary who left him thinking he was a hero to defend justice. In the past, for the first time in episode 98 of the New Mutants series, Deadpool is a villain ready to serve both evil faction as long as he likes it. In the Civil War, Deadpool is also one of the villains hired by Norman Osborn to kill superheroes. If white is justice, black is antithetical, this “holy god” is representative of gray, not entirely good nor is not bad. Deadpool is just funny and aggressive with the bad guys so sometimes it makes people believe he is the hero.

Deadpool has many lovers … but also like men?

Although Deadpool’s list of lovers includes dozens of women and girls, it is not clear whether Domino, a former copywriter of Copycat, marries Dracula’s escaped bride. There are also children with a woman named Carmelita Camacho.

Deadpool’s father Gerry Dugan has confirmed on Twitter that the anti-hero is a person who can love … anyone, including men and women. He can be infatuated with Death, but is also willing to flirt with Spider-Man. “Too many questions for me about the sex of this guy,” he said, “I can only say that Deadpool has no sex and he is a friend of all.”

Deadpool is really back, go to the cinema and see what the dirty guy about this anti-hero in the next.