DCEU’s new “Joker” appearance: a completely new crime boss


DCEU’s new “Joker” appearance: a completely new crime boss

Now Suicide Squad’s joker (Jared Leto) jumps into Marvel’s house. Who will inherit the “Joker” DC?

The publishers released a joint statement on Tuesday (July 10), confirming that Phoenix would join The Hangover with Todd Phillips. And this film will turn a new direction “different from the comic superhero drama recurring.”

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The title has not been announced yet, but it looks like there will be more news for Warner Bros as it has an annual talk show on Comic-Con this weekend. The film is scheduled to air in September, and will be released in 2019.

The Joker movie will be produced by a new division of Warner Bros., focusing solely on DC comic villains, and was curious just days after receiving Suicide’s Joker (Jared Leto). Squad jumps to MCU to become villain in Spider-Man’s own movie, “Morbius.”

Phoenix’s joker is expected to be an independent character, unconnected with DC’s extended universe as the “Alliance for Justice.”

It has been rumored that director and co-author Todd Phillips is aiming for fun, funny moments for the upcoming Joker los movie, and will portray the icon of the “criminal prince” as a playboy. The monologue failed to resemble the classic icon in The Killing Joke.

Although Martin Scorsese was the first filmmaker to develop the project as a producer, he has since retired from the project.

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So after releasing Harley Quinn’s own film project, the Joker will have a separate movie. There have been many Joker actors in different versions of DCEU, but the most successful of them are Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. So does Joaquin Phoenix bring success to the Joker as the two previous actors did not? Let’s look forward to Phoenix’s “Joker” in 2019 and anticipate that this new version of DCEU will resonate nicely!