Call me by your name conquer the viewer by these elements


Call me by your name conquer the viewer by these elements

In the summer of 1983, Eli and Oliver of Call Me By Your Name met in Italy. Jack and Ennis had been in the Brokeback Mountain for 20 years. It seems summer is always the beginning of the beautiful love story but fate.

But Hollywood does not stop loving those early blossoms. Remember that last year, La La Land was also a four-season repertory where the protagonists met for the first time in the summer and split up in the winter. There was also The Notebook (2004), 500 Days of Summer (2009), Dear John (2010) … all the romances took place in the summer.

It seems that the golden sunshine of the summer has the power to make people drunk in love. In the 17th century, great poet William Shakespeare wrote sonnet Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? I am grateful for the shortness of the summer, but I love the immortal beauty of love.

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The love between Elio and Oliver is not as intense as the couple in Brokeback Mountain, also missing a dream, big dream La La Land. Call Me By Your Name is gentle, simple and sensual, unobstructed by social stereotypes, third parties or sudden events. A pure love story, showing the audience the feelings of love, not intentionally convey the message, so it does not bring feelings to the dogma. They love each other quietly, ecstatic, spellbound and sexually in the laziness of the summer sunshine, which is the strongest demonstration of the love and passion that Shakespeare once described. But the charm and fade and then also wake up, that is how the film ends with the departure of Oliver and Elio’s painful tears.

Director Luca Guadagnino portrays the passionate love story with gold frames framed in Italian so that it feels like it can smell the sunshine of the fragrant fragrance of the dream. It felt like being with Elio on a sunny bike ride, looking for a secret shelter beside a lake, lying in the cool water to calm down the burns on the skin and lie back under the shade. the smell of grass.
Small details depicting character character are also worthwhile, for example, Elio’s family discussing lunch together in Italian as melodious music, prompting the thought of the tradition of love of art. This country, or how Oliver hurriedly smashed the boiled egg so that the yolk was so thickly Americanized that the character represented it, the way Elio always had a pen to write on the guitar, or attentively reading an old book spreading the cover …

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However, Call Me By Your Name is not a great work. The film is a major stirring of viewers by reminiscent of the early vibrations. It may be that the film is sweet candy sugar coated with a beautiful frame and love the ideal color. If you are looking for a thrilling movie, Call Me By Your Name is not for you. If you are looking for a great philosophical message, Call Me By Your Name will not be able to satisfy you.
The film is not “art tastes art” hundred percent. I do not doubt the romance in the film largely based on the poignant storyline of the original by the writer André Aciman pen. The setting of Italy is already as beautiful as it does not need much painting. The filmmaking stage, set the film’s Call Me By Your Name, although the hand but the average, is not a powerful movie language to shake the viewer. Each scene only makes a ripple in the heart of a wave rather than a scene that is really so special that the heart.