“Blockbuster” Batman v Superman or how bad?


“Blockbuster” Batman v Superman or how bad?

If you are a fan of American comic book in general and super hero comic in particular, perhaps can not ignore the blockbuster “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” which just opened in Vietnam last weekend, this is also a refreshing and expanding DC Comics superhero story.

In the fantasy world of DC or Marvel comics, we have seen the encounters of superheroes with monsters in the universe as well as monsters created by man himself. However, they rarely witness the flamboyant competitions of the same heroes.

The blockbuster “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens directly to a new angle of access: the clash of heroes. And here we will see fiery internal clashes in upcoming blockbusters like X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) or Captain America: Civil War (2016) by Marvel Comics, but now We will return to the confrontation of Batman and Superman, one side of man trying to turn into superman and one side is real Superman.

Talking about the two main characters in the movie: In modern times in the DC Comics fantasy world, the origin of Superman was “refreshed” in 1985. Along with that, the decline of Krypton (superman species ) explained by the problem of infertility, Kal-L was created by machines and the fetus is placed in a fetus-assisted biological form before reaching the earth. Kal-L officially born in the world as Clark Jerome Kent (Clark Kent) and lived with his adoptive parents, John and Martha during his childhood with his neighbor, Lex Luthor, raised Clark Kent. began his career at a newspaper called the Daily Planet and gradually discovered his incomparable strength as well as commenced the mission of saving the world under the name of Superman.

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Meanwhile, Batman (now Bruce Wayne) is just as human as the “other people” of the planet, but like other superhero, Bruce Wayne grew up with more pain than any other. Any child of the same age must suffer. From a boy who lives in silks and arms to rich parents, Bruce soon fell into orphaned extreme when witnessed by his parents murdered in front of his eyes. There is no superpower beyond the hatred that made Bruce Wayne a “hero” of Batman who fights crime based on his fighting skills (thanks to special training). plus a variety of high-tech weapons and excellent investigation skills.