The best movie poster poster of 2015


The best movie poster poster of 2015

 “Ant-Man,” “The Walk,” “Honey,” “Crimson Peak,” “Inside Out” … are the most popular movie posters in 2015.

Ant-Man: Super Heroes An artist first stepped onto the big screen in the summer of 2015 and is quite alien to the public. So, the Ant-Man poster series is about connecting characters with the Avengers and the production team’s direction is very subtle. Also, the preface “No shields. Borderless No problem “also perfectly portrayed the humor of the whole work.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation: There is probably no better way to promote the latest Mission Impossible adventure with a personal action adventure by Tom Cruise himself. Not only from the first trailer or behind the scenes footage, the amateurs swinging on a military plane at 1,500 m height are even placed directly on the film poster. That seems to be the right move when the Rogue Nation has now collected over $ 682 million.

The Hateful Eight: No stars have appeared, but the poster of the latest film from director Quentin Tarantino enough to impress fans in the context of snow in the Far West. Who are the eight characters in the film, when “no one came here with good reason”? Blood smudges on the snow also show that Quentin Tarantino will continue to pursue the violent style of his famous career.

Minions: Not only trying to attract attention from young children, the Minions blockbuster also wants to entice older audiences to theaters. That is why Illumination Entertainment has launched a series of ridiculous posters of a wide range of famous works of art in human history. They also illustrate the details in the trailer, that the little monsters have appeared throughout ancient times to this day.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The posters of the Star Wars series are often brilliantly colored, with the full appearance of the protagonists in the losmovie. The Force Awakens follows that tradition with no flaws and is well-received by the fans.

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Black Mass: The first poster of the biopic Whitey Bulger is a bold move from Warner Bros.: Depend on star Johnny Depp! Instead, the public saw only the body of a victim at the hands of a tycoon who had rained in Boston in the late twentieth century. It helped people partially visualize the end. Whitey Bulger, or the entire work.