“Avengers: Infinity War” officially became the biggest opening film of all time


“Avengers: Infinity War” officially became the biggest opening film of all time

Blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War” topped $ 250 million domestically for a movie star with an unmatchable debut.

Avengers: Infinity War officially flatters record as the silver screen premieres of all time 27/4 – 29/4/2018

Avengers: Infinity War: $ 250 million ~ 5674 billion
A Quiet Place: $ 10.65 million ~ $ 241 billion
I Feel Pretty: $ 8.13 million ~ 184 billion
Rampage: $ 7.1 million ~ $ 161 billion
Black Panther: $ 4.4 million ~ $ 99.87 billion
Super Troopers 2: $ 3.6 million ~ $ 81.7 billion
Truth or Dare: $ 3.2 million ~ $ 72.6 billion
Blockers: $ 2.945 million ~ $ 66.85 billion
Ready Player One: $ 2.4 million ~ $ 54.4 billion
Traffick: $ 1.62 million ~ $ 36 billion

Marvel Studios made an unmistakable debut with $ 250 million in North America alone, making it the highest-grossing opening film of all time. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 247 million) set three years ago (if inflation is not taken into account).

Looking back on the list of the top 10 grossing domestic films, there are nine films in the Disney category, claiming the brand’s dominance at the contemporary box office.

The superheroes and evil Thanos have together earned an additional $ 380 million at foreign box office (it is noteworthy that the film has not yet launched in two important markets, China and Russia), thereby establishing more the highest grossing movie opening with $ 630 million. Despite the huge anticipation for the film, this number surpasses most of the predictions it has made, again confirming Infinity War’s unquestionable appeal and the success of the 10-year plan. Marvel home.

Expect a decade of fans to pay off in markets such as South America and North America, which exploded like a real bomb. Meanwhile, the hugely popular cinemas in Europe have witnessed unprecedented results that a Marvel film made.

Infinity War has also become the highest grossing foreign-language film in history in a number of countries and territories including South Korea, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE and West Africa.

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Certainly the Infinity War record will continue to set new records when the film was released in Russia on May 3. Many predict that the film will be worth a billion dollars before it is released in China and in full swing before Deadpool 2 launch on May 15.

With 19 films coming out and two top-10 domestic sales charts, Infinity War and Black Panther, MCU has grossed $ 15.39 billion worldwide at the box office. Another good news for the Black Rat War has officially surpassed Star Wars: The Last Jedi to become the 9th highest grossing movie in history, with $ 1.33 billion.