Audience rage before the trailer of The End of the F *** ing World


Audience rage before the trailer of The End of the F *** ing World

The epic, catastrophic film not only appeals to its fictional audience, it is the message that touches our reality.

We are living in the climax of the apocalyptic series, with dozens of films set in the dark future. At that time, life was basically a pile of dirt and everyone was grinding like a toothache. Even where many movies have come up with a revenge antagonist, and the happiest moment is when the guy gets cheated for a hit. Of course, the fun is not gangs, because this is a movie that is not.

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Some of the names that last year were crazy enough: The Hunger Games, The Dawes of the Planet, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Robocop, The Purge, Snowpiercer, The Rover, Automata, The Giver , Blade Runner 2049, Handmaid’s Tale series, and most recently The End of the F *** ing World.

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Trailer of “The End of the F *** ing World” (Source: YouTube)

“The End of the F *** ing World”

The biggest of these is the teen movie, which tells a group of young people against a dictator. In spite of experiencing many events and losses, after the end of somebody still has to survive and the bad guy is punished, a brighter future unfolds before the eyes.

This hit the desire to assert themselves, break even, even the trend of social opposition to the rebellious youth. They come to see not only entertainment, but also to find themselves in a roller coaster of emotions, with gloomy and timeless characteristics of an age.

Đầy tăm tối và đẫm bạo lực, nhưng vì sao dòng phim tận thế chưa bao giờ lỗi mốt? - Ảnh 3.
“Black Mirror” is a fascinating series about how humans are dominated by technology in the future

However, with the transformation of the film, silver screen today also witnessed many changes in the way filmmaking. Modern apocalyptic films are now aimed at the more diverse, more realistic, and more pliable characters manifested by grotesque characters of goodness rather than just a black and white war like before.

That is when the stage of the dystopian (teenager) movie for teenagers must share the aura for movies that cater to mature audiences. With profound changes in American society, futuristic visions of the future also become more complex for the “milennial” (Generation born between 1980 and 2000). Nowadays, not only teenagers but also parents who are still worried about their future can not be expected in the society.

Films of apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and even broad film in general, reflecting on the same roots reflect the concept of life. That does not mean that a dark film can only be made out of sad hearts, which sometimes reflects the filmmaker’s beliefs about a better future for the character and for the film itself. our lives.

Đầy tăm tối và đẫm bạo lực, nhưng vì sao dòng phim tận thế chưa bao giờ lỗi mốt? - Ảnh 5.
“Blade Runner 2049”

The End of the F *** ing World, as well as many films of the same genre, depicts a gloomy worldview of young people about the future but rekindles the hope of change.

If the superhero movie is the variation of the human dream for a better society, the dystopian film draws on that hope in the ashes of civilization. James and Alyssa, struggling desperately to find their identities and become destructive just to find a sense of survival in the midst of so many miserable worlds.

Đầy tăm tối và đẫm bạo lực, nhưng vì sao dòng phim tận thế chưa bao giờ lỗi mốt? - Ảnh 6.The movie “The End of the F *** ing World” is making the wind of Netflix

It’s the kind of film that dares to go straight to the things we’re afraid of, making them a feasible proposition, a futuristic future that human beings can envision in themselves. This intimacy is a drag on the audience – especially young people who are curious about the world around but are distracted and distracted enough to speak out about the issue around them – are attracted. by apocalypse.

Environmental pollution, reduced fertility, dictatorship, religion … all are what is happening. To stop them becoming a reality as in The Handmaid’s Tale is us, and if we do nothing, there is no guarantee that one day women will not be taken as maids, Raise it regularly and then make the delivery machine.