What could the audience have overlooked in the ‘Justice League’


What could the audience have overlooked in the ‘Justice League’

Even though it’s a blockbuster movie before the premiere, it’s unlikely that many of the “Justice League” fans will realize this in the movie.

Famous background music: The Justice League on the big screen consists of six founding members, but the core is Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). You can watch justice league war online .  Thanks to the film “retail” success in the past, the trio is favored for the theme song. When Wonder Woman appeared on the statue of goddess Justice at the beginning of the film, the audience had a chance to listen to Is She With You? Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Wonder Woman in the summer.

The legendary background music of Superman (1978) is re-used when the Justice League decides to revive the steel man from the dead. And Batman met with police chief James Gordon (J. Simmons) to re-use the music compiled by Danny Elfman himself for Batman (1989) by director Tim Burton.

Reminiscent of Penguin: In the conversation between Alfred (Jeremy Irons) and Bruce Wayne on the plane, they mentioned “the period when the biggest worry was the bombing penguins.” Details to remind the villain Penguin (Danny DeVito) in Batman Returns (1992). He used a flock of rocket bites to attack Gotham City.

Image Batwing in Batman (1989): The Batman character in the DC Universe has a lot to do with the two films starring Michael Keaton. In the 1989 movie, Batman steered the Batwing through the clouds and saw the full moon. Justice League trailer remixes the scene with the main character Cyborg / Victor Stone (Ray Fisher). Unfortunately, it was cut off from work when it came to theaters.

Jimmy Olsen: In the original comic, Jimmy Olsen is a photojournalist and close friend of Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the Daily Planet. The character is played by Marc McClure in Christopher Reeves’ Superman series. He played guest roles in the Justice League when Cyborg rescued two police officers. However, the episode was cut from the movie screenings.

Green Lantern: In comics, Green Lantern is among the founding members of the Justice League. Through the narration of Wonder Woman, the audience saw a Green Lantern alongside humanity, the Amazon and the Atlantis in the battle thousands of years ago with Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds). After the defeat of Green Lantern (2011) by Ryan Reynolds, Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman casts back: Also in the field of battle thousands of years ago, viewers meet the familiar faces of Wonder Woman blockbuster: Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), female general Antiope (Robin Wright) and Ares (David Thewlis). In addition, the scene features the participation of Zeus (Sergi Constance) – the legendary father of Wonder Woman, and hunting goddess Artemis (Aurore Lauzeral). Coincidentally, Artemis in Roman mythology is actually Diana.

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Parademon self exploded: At the beginning of the film, Batman caught a monster mistletoe Parademon after fierce fighting. Self-exploding creatures to protect the secret of the prime minister. The details exactly match DC Comics’ New 52 story. Also in the series, Cyborg is a founding member of the Justice League, not the usual Teen Titans.

Black Mask: In the original, Black Mask – his real name is Roman Sionis – is one of Batman’s longtime foes. He is best known for his black skull and holds the largest crime empire in Gotham. In the movie Batman battled the Paradox, the audience could see the banner with the word “Janus”. This is the name of the criminal empire Sinonis holds.