6 behind the scenes horror film about horror film A Quiet Place


6 behind the scenes horror film about horror film A Quiet Place

1. Suggestions related to The Office

Known primarily as the male lead in the hit television series The Office, John Krasinski left some clues for audiences to connect the two worlds together in A Quiet Place. Evelyn and Lee heard the headphones through the headphones, prompting the audience to think Jim and Pam were listening to the music in the parking lot.

2. Almost becoming a Cloverfield extravaganza

Sharing this with Slashfilm, screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods said they were discussing a crossover with 10 Cloverfield Lane, but then Paramount received the script. Make two really different movies.

3. Want to make horror movies, you must know scared before!

Coming from a comedian, John Krasinski had to contemplate contemporary thrillers such as The Witch, Get Out, and The Babadook, and wrote down something that frightened him: “Instead of walking Surrounding and picking up the scary details to re-connect to the film, I recorded the moments I was scared of, and instead of paying attention to the visual effects, I remembered the climax that I began to have. feeling insecure in the horror movies. ”

4. Play “green light” on the set

In most of the film projects, the noise that the crew made would be more or less in the film, but the post-production could not handle it all. However, for a “near dumb” movie like watch A Quiet Place movie online, this is a dark one. So during the filming, John Krasinski and his crew had to play the “red light”: That is when the “order!” Everyone is free to do whatever their job is, and only breathe out when the scene is finished.

5. Husband, cum always … monster

The trial of A Quiet Place did not come out as expected at the time of the complete creation of the monster is not yet. Instead of the image of the monster on the screen is a masked person and one of them is John Krasinski in the motion capture suit. In addition to director, actor, guy also occasionally cum both role … new monster bear.

6. “King of Fire” Michale Bay is on the list of producers

Surprisingly, a name like “Michael Bay”, known for his fiery films, was one of the backers of A Quiet Place. Thanks to the film, his company Platinum Dunes had a work on the list that was “open to the public” with critics. This makes “Seven” happily show off on personal Twitter.

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A Quiet Place last weekend earned more than $ 30 million to reach the $ 100 million mark while spending just $ 17 million. To the audience, it is a heartbreaking piece of work and has the depth to think. With the market, this is a surprise win, and with the filmmakers, A Quiet Place has become a new model for filmmaking efforts worth learning.