4 Reasons You Should Watch A Quiet Place


4 Reasons You Should Watch A Quiet Place

Considered one of the most creative and creative horror films of 2018, “A Quiet Place” puts audiences in the darkest of fears.

After criticizing Netflix for its bombs and sales, Paramount Studios finally got something to blow up with. Recently, the horror film of the company called A Quiet Place (Open House: The Land of Silence) opened successfully in North America with $ 50 million and received the rain of praise from the audience and grave. This is the best record of Melrose’s studio in the past two years since Star Trek: Beyond.

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Unlike Beyond, with a budget of $ 185 million, A Quiet Place was made with just $ 17 million. The film also marked the success of John Krasinski as an actor, director, screenwriter with his wife Emily Blunt and co-star. While the North American screen was enjoying this movie, A Quiet Place had to wait until April 20 to be in theaters in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you can not miss this low-budget horror piece:

1. A “mindful” project: Exhale is killed too

The horror screen was so crowded that new ideas became rare and harder to find than ever before. While other filmmakers focus on intimidating the audience with the idea of ​​ghost dolls, haunted houses … generally everything is haunted, A Quiet Place exploits its own way. This is the story of monsters with sound. You will not be safe if you make a noise that is slightly larger than a breath.
In order to raise that fear, John Krasinski put in a family that tried to survive under the cover and wrapped up the five members of the only armor: friendship. That is the most original feeling that any audience can relate to.

2. The thriller thriller is on the rise

2017 marks the score of the genre of horror, from low-budget movie franchise to blossom money to Annabelle: Creation to more creative projects like Get Out or Split and of course not IT – the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, which scared people to “lose all their pants” and earning more than 700 million in the domestic market alone.
All that shows the special attention of the audience to the thriller and the response to the market is constantly giving us the outstanding work (not to mention some postmortem films. no one is watching. A Quiet Place is also in that common flow, which if you are a follower of this genre then surely do not ignore it.

3. Physical harmony of incense

Part of A Quiet Place’s uniqueness is that it goes against the formula of modern Hollywood blockbusters. If you want your movie to become a Grade A movie, then you will probably think about making a monster movie, transforming it, stuffing a bunch of CGI stuff into it and spending hundreds of millions on it. Or you can invite the scene to play a character.
With a budget of 17 million, you do not have many luxury options like that. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt did the best in their ability, evoking the fear of “nothing”: silence. Along with the model “cheap substance” also blockers comedy starring wrestler John Cena is only $ 21.4 million, but revenue in the first week promised great profits.

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4. Efforts to put disabled actors on the big screen

It was John Krasinski who supported the decision to bring the deaf Millicent Simmonds to play the daughter of Regan in A Quiet Place. Like Millicent, Regan is deaf and this makes him a vulnerable target for monsters because he is unaware of the sound he creates. Millicent is a cute and sweet girl who teaches people on the recording studio. It can be said that the appearance of Millicent has “made another layer of meaning” for A Quiet Place.
Choosing a deaf person to play a role as a disabled character sounds obvious, but not a Hollywood precedent. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, about 14 percent of the 16- to 64-year-old workers are disabled. Meanwhile, the number of disabled people working in the movie industry is only 0.3% of the total workforce (according to Creative Skillet).