3 extreme similarities between Batman vs Superman and Civil War


3 extreme similarities between Batman vs Superman and Civil War

1. The appearance of a character is very much expected, opening for the next film

In addition to Trinity trilogy, watch Batman v Superman also has three cameos from Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Among them, Flash plays the most important role in traveling time and warns Batman of the dangers of the future. This event is most likely to occur in the Justice League and the villains are none other than Darkseid.

With Civil War, the special character in the movie is Spider-Man. Upon returning from Sony, Spider-Man was scheduled to appear in the upcoming blockbuster. In the trailer, only a few short seconds of the most popular character is enough to cause the community to wake up. According to the first responses from people who saw the Civil War, Spider-Man exploded and truly “steal the show” in the superhero civil war. Then, the movie about him guy will debut in 2017.

2. The battle in the title is not the last one in the movie

Warner Bros. Called Batman v Superman (instead of vs. vs. Batman vs. Superman), the Batman vs. Superman franchise was a very small hit. In fact, Doomsday is the main rival of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Likewise, the Civil War revolves around the battle between Team Cap / Team Iron Man, and the battle at the airport has always been at the center of the promotion process. Although the nature, length and impact of the clash is still unknown, according to rumors, its location in the movie is similar to the Batman vs. Batman game. Superman (that is, there is still one after that).

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3. A villain behind everything

In Batman v Superman, the two heroes are tense because of the ideal disagreement. Batman fears Superman’s mighty power, and Superman disagrees with how Batman enforces the law. But the trick is to get Lex Luthor arrested Superman and force him to kill Batman. The character Jesse Eisenberg plays as the creator of Doomsday and makes Trinity team up.

Creating a third enemy so that warriors can work together is a pretty safe bet for any scenario. Characters that play a role similar to Lex Luthor in the Civil War may be Baron Zemo, although to date, we have very few pictures of him. In the comics, Baron Zemo has superior intelligence, gunner capabilities, combat resistance, and a genius strategist. With such ability, when the film he may be using “intelligence” more than “power” (by the hero too strong). This character is played by German actor Daniel Brühl.